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Principles and Science

We aim to assist you in making well-informed choices tailored to your personal needs and grounded in scientific evidence. To achieve this, our approach is both specific and personalized, taking into account your lifestyle details and biomarkers.

How We Get to Know You

Your experience starts with a health assessment questionnaire. Once completed, you'll receive a personalized Health Assessment Report comprising:

  • Recommendations on which biomarkers to test, including methods and locations, tailored to your healthcare system or private options.

  • A customized supplement program, considering your location and budget.

  • Strategies for stress management and sleep optimization.

  • Guidance for enhancing your exercise and nutrition routines.

Process for Preparing Recommendations

  1. Collection of data from clinical trials and research.

  2. Collaboration with experts to incorporate their practical knowledge and experience.

  3. Detailed assessment of the individual, considering factors such as:

    • Demographics.

    • Nutrition and exercise habits.

    • Sleep patterns and stress levels.

    • Family health history.

    • Personal health goals.

  4. Data analysis using our specialized algorithm.

  5. Expert review to ensure comprehensive and accurate results.

Our Principles:

We utilize data from clinical trials and research published in high-impact sources, ensuring credibility and wide acceptance in the scientific community. These sources are selected based on their impact factor, reflecting the frequency and influence of citations in scholarly journals. This approach guarantees that our information and recommendations are grounded in thoroughly researched and highly reputable scientific findings.

We do not affiliate with the supplement brands that we recommend. Before recommending a brand, we take into consideration the following factors:

  • Formulation: Selecting brands with effective, scientifically-supported minimal ingredient combinations.

  • Manufacturing Quality: Preferring brands with transparent, GMP-compliant processes.

  • Third-Party Analysis: Focusing on brands with independent quality and safety certifications.

  • Reviews: Valuing positive feedback from customers and experts.

Our mission is to simplify preventive health, making it accessible to all, no matter where they are. With a focus on ease and accessibility, we strive to provide clear, helpful guidance in preventive health. Our team is always ready to respond to your questions, ensuring you have the support and information you need for a healthier life.

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