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What We Believe In

We are of the firm belief that everyone has a unique and important role to play in this world. The first step to fulfill this mission, one must ensure their health is in excellent condition.

To achieve this, staying well-informed is crucial, yet we recognize how challenging this can be. The rapid and often conflicting flood of information from social media and the news about what to eat, what to avoid, how to sleep, and the best times to exercise can be both confusing and overwhelming.

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Our Mission Is Straightforward:

To assist you in navigating your path to better health in the simplest and most effective manner.

We believe that prevention is better than cure, and it starts with a deep understanding of your unique body. By staying informed about what's happening inside you, you can continue doing what benefits your health and avoid what doesn't.

To achieve this, we are dedicated to offering personalized, accessible guidance and reliable information. Our focus is on utilizing biomarkers monitoring and supplements as preventive tools. These methods help us tailor our advice specifically to your needs, ensuring that you have the best possible understanding and control over your health. 

Meet The Team


Co-founder, CEO

Aleksandrina Ikonomova

An athlete with over 23 years of experience, including professional competition. Combines her professional background and expertise in pharmacy innovation, and supplement manufacturing to fuel SekMeD.


Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer

Yoana Kostov

Yoana Brings the invaluable perspective of a practicing medical professional. Currently serving patients in Germany, she witnesses firsthand the challenges of maintaining health literacy.

Our Story

Our journey started 15 years ago, rooted in a strong friendship and a shared enthusiasm for health. In 2019, we jumped on an ambitious project by starting our country's first cannabis-based supplement company. This company was not just about producing supplements; it was a learning experience. Our initial mission was to demystify cannabis supplements. However, we quickly realized the widespread confusion around choosing any supplements. It's not just about the product; it involves understanding one's biomarkers, lifestyle, and the dynamic nature of the supplement industry. To address this, SekMed was established to assist people around the world in making well-informed health decisions tailored to their unique needs.

Begin your health journey today!

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